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Ottobre 12, 2020

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La donna ha portato la cagnolina malata dal veterinario - guarda ora che aspetto ha settimane dopo la cura

Tutti gli animali meritano amore e cura. È davvero triste che molti rinuncino ai propri amici a 4 zampe senza una buona ragione. Il numero di cani randagi è sempre in costante aumento purtroppo.

Una cagnolina di nome Gardenia ha vagato da sola a Houston per molto tempo. Purtroppo viveva solitaria senza alcuna cura, inoltre soffriva di una grave condizione della pelle che ne causava la perdita di pelo e non solo. Il caso è stato segnalato da The Dodo.

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Yukon, Day 2! Yukon hasn’t been feeling too great today. He’s preferred to spend most of the day curled up in the dog bed. Poor baby randomly whines and is looking so uncomfortable. On a positive note, his tummy is feeling better, and he is barely scratching. Also, look. at. those. eyes. ?

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Condizioni critiche

Un giorno Gardenia si avvicinò a una donna sconosciuta in un parcheggio, che rimase visibilmente scioccata nel vedere il pelo degradato dalla parte anteriore.

La donna si rese presto conto che era randagia e non aveva una casa, di conseguenza non poteva lasciarla da sola. Ha fatto del suo meglio per trovarle una nuova famiglia. La donna ha pubblicato diverse foto e video della povera cagnolina sui social

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Yukon is home and doing so well! In the short time I’ve had him, I have learned a few things. First of all, Yukon loves absolutely everyone. He kisses my shep back nonstop, tries to play with my fluff, wants nothing more than to cuddle people, and even tried to get loves from my unimpressed cat. But, also, he is in pain. If I move him the wrong way or accidentally touch his sensitive skin, he whines so much it shatters my heart. I don’t know how many people probably saw him on the streets and looked the other way. I am so grateful for the woman who did something. All it took was a Facebook post, taking that action, and then a friend (hey @brittafilter) sending me the post. And big shout out to @jamiecampbell270 for taking Yukon in until I could get the puppies to their new foster. It really takes a team! Thank you to everyone who does something rather than ignore homeless pets. Even if you can’t take animals into your own home, everything you do is appreciated. And a huge thank you to everyone who follows on my foster journeys and sends love and good thoughts. Today was an emotional day, and I’m so thankful for my social media fam for the support. More updates to come!

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Alla ricerca di una nuova famiglia

L'aspetto di Gardenia era piuttosto spaventoso, rendendo difficile trovarle una famiglia adottiva. Tuttavia, la donna ha assicurato sui social che la piccola è davvero gentile, Gardenia va d'accordo con le persone. Vive bene anche con altri animali.

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Guess who is HEARTWORM NEGATIVE?! It is usually expected that any Houston street dog will be positive, so we are very excited. The vet said the mites are now mostly dead, Yukon is 33 pounds and about 10 months old. He actually loved going to the vet. One could say he’s basically a perfect dog. ?

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La cagnolina ha ricevuto la medicina di cui aveva bisogno per curare la condizione della pelle. Secondo il veterinario, il del dovrebbe ricrescere entro pochi mesi.

Alla fine Gardenia ha trovato una famiglia che la fa sentire molto a suo agio nella sua nuova casa. Adesso viene curata e le viene permesso di crescere in un ambiente sicuro

Guardate come sta oggi

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“Why can’t you just adopt him?” I will let him go knowing that he will go to amazing adopters (whoever they may be). I trust the rescue’s adoption protocols. Then I can save another life from suffering just like his. If I adopted my fosters, I wouldn’t be able to keep saving as many. “But won’t he be sad and miss you?” He will miss me at first. But then after some time, he will form a bond with his new family and not think about me. He will likely remember me when I come to visit, but he won’t spend that time being sad. I can promise you: in the updates I get from adopters, the dogs are far from sad. “I couldn’t foster. I’d get too attached.” This one hurts. If you think I don’t get attached to my fosters, you are mistaken. I love them all dearly, and I often cry when they leave. But as my favorite fostering quote goes “I let my heart break so theirs doesn’t have to.” “But your dogs will miss him!” Nah, my pack is used to fosters. They love them, but I think they also selfishly like getting that extra attention once a foster leaves. All of these questions or comments are common. They are usually concerns and reasons why people won’t foster. I hope that by sharing my answers, I can encourage a few more to open their homes and consider fostering. Is it hard? Absolutely. Is it worth it? 1000% every time. I promise it’s the best addiction out there!

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Una donna amichevole ha salvato il cane da una morte certa. Auguriamo a Gardenia buona fortuna!

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